How Many Religions Does It Take To Change Your Light Bulb

How Many Religions Does It Take To Change Your Light Bulb

You only really need one…Jesus “Light Giver”
From the beginning of time God wanted light to shine upon the earth.   From the moment He spoke the words “Let there be light,”  to the day the Earth grew dark, when Jesus made His final sacrifice, God has been trying to bring light to our world.

Needs vs wants

Needs vs wants

I want to look young so I buy face cream
I need medicine or my high blood pressure will get out of control.
I need them to spray for spiders at my house so I don't have panic attacks.

Feed My Sheep

Feed My Sheep

You Chose me.

You chose me at the beginning of time.

You looked into my future, before I was formed and decided just what my life would accomplish if I signed on with Your plan.

It took a lot to get me to the place where I could put my past behind me and move towards the goal of the prize.

What Is It About The Front Seat Anyway

What Is It About The Front Seat Anyway

When my kids were little I can remember the endless fights about who got to sit in the front sit. Do you have those days? “Me, I call shotgun!” “No me first, mommmmmm!”



I was digging through old stuff I had from when I moved to Bradds and I found some old cd’s. I found one I haven’t listened to in forever. “Take me to your leader” by the Newsboys.  I loved this cd when I first purchased it in 1996 and I knew I would enjoy it just as much today so I looked it up on Apple Music and began listening to the old familiar songs. I was surprised to discover even after more than 23 years I still have the songs memorized. 



Have you ever had one of those days when you see memories? Old pictures of your life you used to have, you see those photos of the life you imagined you once planned and you just tear up. You don’t miss the old life, its more a sadness for the life you imagined you were going to have, and you feel like a bit of a failure for letting your kids down, and even yourself too because things didn’t go like you thought they would. You feel like so many of your dreams wasted. 

Bring It

Bring It

There is a movie called “Bring it on” and it’s about cheerleaders who have a mission and in order for their mission to succeed they challenge each other to “Bring it!” Some of you may be wondering what that means, well simply put it means you hold nothing back, you give 100%; give all you have to the task at hand.

Are We There Yet

Are We There Yet

I’ve been reading in Numbers about Moses and the children of Israel. Moses was indeed an intercessor.  At every turn, in spite of their discontentment and complaints, Moses was right there pleading with God to give them another chance.

Secret Place


I’m covered by your feathers

Sheltered with your wings

With your armor as my protection

You guard me in everything

You are the ultimate guard

For you never take a rest

I am always kept safe

Under your shadow I pass the test

Father I will dwell here

Where your hand of faithfulness resides

For it’s only in your secret place

That I know it’s safe to hide

2018 Marsha L. Brown

My Authority


My Father created this world

An amazing place called earth

Things have been a little hectic

From creation to my birth

Satan has a lease on earth

I’m a property manager

I work for my dad the king.

It’s a summer gig you see

It’s just until my dad

Comes back home to get me

But that tenant we have

Man he sure is a beast

He will cheat and lie and steal

Just to get his way

He doesn’t care who he hurts

Ignores the people in his way

I’m reminded that I’ve been given

The tools I need to control things

My authority is in Jesus

It’s the only thing I have to bring

I must remind myself

He’ll try anything to trick me

In order to win this fight

I’ll keep my battle plans with me

With head held high

And chest puffed strong

My voice in a mighty

battle sounding warm

I step up to the line

And with my strongest words

“You can’t cross the bloodline”

I boldly stated to be heard

I continued telling the beast

How his authority was dead

I am seated on high with Jesus

We had worked this way ahead

I could tell he didn’t like it

Ready to cause a war

I said “go ahead give it your best shot

That’s what my sisters were watching for”

He really started screaming

And made an evil hiss

Then then Prince of darkness

Took off and I said I won’t be missed.

I assured Him the authority

That I have as a believer

Breaks chains, opens prison

And sets free those under spell of the deceiver

 ©2018 Marsha L. Brown

All Rights Reserved

Cosmic Praise

Let the earth join in

The parade of praise

Lifting His name on high

The only name we raise

Take it even higher

Let the cosmos roar

The universe erupts in song

To the One we adore

The mighty creature’s deep

Lighting, storms and clouds

We need all melodies

So bring your praises loud

Every child and man

Woman, king and queen

People everywhere

Let your praises ring

He gives strength and power

To His favored ones

Get close to His heart

Praise is how it’s done


2018 Marsha L Brown


Step Out

How can I be a light

When so many need illumination

How can I show Your love

To a lost and angry nation

How can I share the hope

When all they’ve felt is sorrow

How can I dry their tears

If they’ve given up on tomorrow

Such a big task ahead

Are you sure God that I’m ready

You said step out of the boat

You will keep the water steady


2009 Marsha L Brown



God often uses previously broken people to reach the broken. We just understand what it was like. Why? Because we know how it felt. We have been there. We have scars that mark the pain from battles bravely fought.


We may have it together now, but we will gladly help you fight your battle, because we have felt that same grief and we want to see you on the other side of those tears.