Can You Spot The Savior

Can You Spot The Savior

I was enjoying a refreshing "Strawberry Acai Refresher Lemonade" from Starbucks recently and I saw a sign that had pictures of white cups and there were at least 30 cups on the picture but only one of them had a Starbucks emblem on it. The tag line at the bottom said, "It's not just coffee, it's Starbucks."

Church In A Small Town

In the church and the brightened room

the vibrating sound of a pipe organ

demands attention

Hurrying to the front

a stern faced preacher carries his Bible 

Anxious for offering time a child grasps his dollar 


In the church and the brightened room

I rest my back against the hardened pew

unconsciously listening to the preacher

deliver his message of hope



The rich lady sings Amazing Grace

and flashes her diamonds

like a beacon in the night


Steep ceilings and stained glass windows reflect

the structure of the church

old fashioned

smiling faces

fill pews


Within the heart a comforting thought arises

A mental picture of the cross

forces tears to my eyes

I search again for the Bible beside me

and the love of the Savior

welcomes me back


All Rights Reserved

©1988 Marsha Brown


When music is such an intricate part of your life, it weaves and winds itself into your being and never lets you go. Even when you think that season of your life is over because situations might try to tell you that it is, God will be the ultimate say on the subject. If He calls you to do something. He never removes His gifts.  Romans 11:29 even says "For God's gifts and His call can never be withdrawn." I was reminded today just how much I still need worship in my life. 

Worship can be like the healing balm of Gilead when your heart aches. It can be the energy drink to your tired soul when you feel like you just don't have one more ounce of strength to go on. Worship can build your faith enough to open your heart to give God just one more chance, when you thought you didn't have anymore left.  It can be the doorway to bring your friends to Jesus, because everyone loves good music. 

On the way to church today I heard the song "10,000 Reasons." The verse said "The sun comes up; it's a new day dawning. It's time to sing Your song again. Whatever may pass and whatever lies before me. Let me be singing when the evening comes."

I didn't think anything of it, until I got to church and we sang it at the church we went to. God spoke in my heart, He said, "It's a new day, it's time to sing my song again, I never said to stop to begin with." I started crying in church. I had walked away from singing on the worship team. I thought He was finished with me. I was just on the wrong frequency. His voice was clouded by other things. I heard it loud and clear today. 

That's what worship does, it opens our heart for reflection, so that we can hear what God wants to say. I was so hungry for His word and His healing. Worship isn't about a show, or who sings the best. It's about God and touching Heaven and then in return, we are touched and changed! If we try to make it anything else, we miss it. 

The next time you are spending time in worship, let yourself go, really look at what you are singing to the Father. Make it personal. Make it real. I'm not saying you have to cry, but feel something! It can change your life.