I wish I had an Mediator

I wish I had an Mediator

Job really had it rough, he lost his family, he lost all of his wealth, he lost his health, and when he was at the very depths of his sorry and pain he was crying out about the wish that he had a direct line to God. He wanted someone as a go between because he felt like God was unreachable.

Heaven and Hell The Journey of Chris and Serena Davis

WOW! That is what I have to say about this book! WOW!! I cried in the middle of this book, it had me dreaming, having nightmares, woke me up, and then in the end it made me realize I haven't done enough to make sure that I have shared the message of hope Jesus gives to people to make sure they spend eternity in Heaven. 

I know a lot of people debate Heaven and Hell, even more ask the question why would a loving God send people to Hell. Perhaps as this books suggests there is more to the story, people choose not to spend eternity with Him. They are the ones's actually choosing where they end up, the only other alternative is the place God designed for Satan and we were NEVER meant to go there but even to God's dismay they are choosing that path. It was certainly something to think about that, and this author gave this as food for thought. He gave a spin on many different things. This book was very graphic in the descriptions of tortures in Hell and what Satan might do to punish those who end up there. 

This book is fiction but it's story is one I would encourage every person to read and decide for yourself, who you will serve, God or the god of this world. The Bible is clear, we do have have to make a choice. I would much rather choose to bow before my Creator now in worship, than to be bowing in judgement as He say's "Depart from me I never knew you."

This book honestly changed me in a way fiction rarely can. It has inspired me to not live one moment without purpose. I need to make sure each person I encounter knows about the saving power and love of Jesus. The horrors described in the book for those not choosing Him, I would not wish on my worst enemy.

If you want to read a good book, READ THIS ONE!! It will really get you to thinking. I am already reading book Number 2. 

book by Kenneth Zeigler