Driving along the highway, I noticed all of the various types of trees.  I'm usually the driver and I miss out on so many things having to watch the road.  Not this time, I'm the passenger and the view is spectacular. 

Trees of every shape, size and color, line the highway as we trek towards our destination. I am in awe of God one again.

The universe is vast, the world I live in small compared to several million light years in space.  Yet the same God who designed the universe also decided to make a million different kinds of trees all for His children 's simple pleasure.  Why would He do that?

What made the creator have such a vivid imagination?  He must love it when we stop long enough to notice His art work.  Splashes of color, shades of green, blue skies, white puffy clouds.

I'm reminded of how very different the human race is. We all think that every one should be the same, should conform to our view of normal.  As I look at all of these trees, I know that if the creator made so many versions of them, then we should not expect all people to be the same.  Everyone is different for a reason.  We need to embrace everyone for the gifts and abilities that make them unique and say a prayer of thanks to the Master Artist who created all things for our pleasure. 

How long has it been since you said thank you?