Read Me...The Word


There are characters in these pages 

That you have never seen

You will open up new worlds 

If you seek to find just what I mean 

He has hidden all the answers 

To show you every way 

Mysteries and wonders 

The things you long to hear somebody say

I'll tell you how to face your giants 

Teach you to help the poor 

How to be bold in everything 

Until you're walking through heaven's door

I show young boys to be strong men

Girls to grow in strength and grace

And parents how to come to Him

Until whole families seek His face

These stories will grow old with you 

To keep your mind as sharp as steel 

There are types from every genre 

Surely one will make you feel

So open up my pages 

Seek the hope your longing for

Written in this book of life

You will find hope and so much more

This book holds the very keys to life

It can gave you back you soul

Study it true and faithfully 

The Author of this book will make you whole. 

©️2016 Marsha L. Brown