I decided to sit on the swings for lunch today.  The weather is cooling off quite a bit and with the soft breeze it was a bit chilly on my park bench in the shade.


It wasn’t as easy to eat lunch on a swing but I managed thanks to my incredible gift of balance.

Swaying slightly in the warm sun, I began to think about things that God has been teaching me lately.  For example; how to be a light, how I can make a difference, how to change the world, etc. Today’s lesson was big and full of impact.

I was looking down at the sand that surrounded the swinging area and I noticed there were all kinds of patterns; circles, criss-cross marks, waves, there were even some flowers.  I realized that these were imprints left from the feet that were on this swing in the past.

Each print left a mark and I would bet that most of the people who left them have no idea that they did.

As I looked around at all the imprints I was picking out my favorite (the flower) and that’s when God asked me the big question.

“Do you know what mark you are leaving on the ground where you walk and is it the one you want to leave?”

I sat there for a minute, sort of stunned. “But God, I’m just trying to make it through each day with a smile on my face.”

“Every step a person take leaves a mark for the person behind them to see, just be aware of yours.”

Oh wow! Does God realize what He’s saying?  This means I can’t just walk around aimlessly thinking no one will notice.  This means if I want my imprint to show Christ then I have to make sure of where I am walking and how I’m walking.

I decided what I wanted my imprint to look like so I wrote it in the sand in front of me and now it’s there for the next person who swings.  Now its time for me to go walk it out in my life.

May you always be aware of the steps you take and the mark you are leaving for the world to see.