Roller Coaster


I’m on this roller coaster

It dips and turns and spins

I’m not sure how I got here

But I’m strapped so tightly in


The lights are spinning wildly

As the car goes up the hill

I’m sure that I am safe

The harness assures me I won’t spill


Here comes another drop off

I’m at the very top

Should I lift my hands, enjoy the ride

Or cling tightly, beg to stop


Do I smile and laugh while plunging

Close my eyes and enjoy the view

I never knew, so many choices

Would be waiting here, did you


The speed is getting faster

I can feel the mighty wind

It whips my hair so frantically

As we curve around the bend


Spinning wildly, up and down

Twists and turns galore

My head it won’t stop spinning

Up ahead I still see more


It’s going towards a tunnel now

There is darkness all around

Although I cannot see the cart

I can hear it’s clanking sounds


As the exit from the cave

Comes within my view

A man stands with a lever

A sign says “where now, it’s up to you?”


I look so puzzled as I ask

What ever do you mean

How can I control this ride

I’m stuck inside this tall machine


He looked at me with kindest eyes

And said my child you’re free

You can ride this roller coaster

Sitting next to me


You can choose to ride this ride

Or go a different way

The rides the same for everyone

But with me there are no delays


Your safe within my cart

I will never let you fall

You may still feel the twists and turns

But my arms hold you through it all

©2009 Marsha L. Brown