Sweet Spot


I've always heard the phrase what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Sounds good and all right? But what kind of life is that? We need to find our sweet-spot, between being stronger and worn out. 

We complain so much, everyone has bad days, but when will you let everyone hear about your WINS!!! The things that make you happy, and say hey I’m alive! The Bible says we can live a prosperous life. Study the Word, learn what it says in Malachi 10 about money. See what God says about money! It's the only time in the Bible that God tells you to test Him! It's exciting!!! God loves to bless His faithful children. 

This is just one area where you can look for more on what God has to offer. There are so many. We have to take an active part in making our lives better. Sometimes it starts with our words. Then our actions. 

Finding your sweet spot is an on-going process. Start somewhere. Give God something to work with. Then watch how partnering with God will change your life!