I Am Enough


I often have a lot of issues with people and rejection. I battle this mostly in my mind. From the time I was a teenager I was afraid I wasn’t going to be accepted. Even though I had a ton of friends and multiple relationships, it was the times I was rejected that stuck with me the most. As a broken woman, I took that into my first marriage and let that baggage keep me from being the woman God wanted me to be. 

I never felt I was good enough for God to want me, I always doubted anyone would want me. This was a lie of course, but it was often the words on repeat in my head. I still wonder if people like the decisions I make, or if they will reject me if I don’t do the things they ask me to do, or if I am not who they expect me to be. 

My husband Bradd has helped me so much to learn not to rely on so many other people’s opinion’s and to accept myself. I am enough! I put too much weight in other people’s opinion of me and I can’t do that anymore. I can’t wait for the people who never cheered for me anyway. They aren’t really cheerleaders and never will be. I learned God is cheering for me! He has been all along. 

So no, I can’t keep waiting for for the people in my life to cheer for my success. But it is time for me to start cheering for the success of everyone I meet. If you want something in your life, wish it for someone else! It is the quickest way to see it come back to you, the law of sowing and reaping. 

The people who didn’t think I would be successful or didn’t think I could be everything I wanted to be, will one day proved wrong. But I no longer have to stress about what they think anyway. I am enough!

God has even promised me one day those who mocked me will be buying tickets to see my show!

©️2019 Marsha L. Brown