Rain Rain, Go Away


It’s raining on my head, my hair is soaked.  My shoes are so full of water, its squishes out the tops where the air holes are.

It wasn’t supposed to rain today.

I didn’t plan for it

I planned for sunny weather

I planned for warmth

I planned for happiness

I hate wet damp weather

I hate cold wrapping around me

I have a sense of gloom

Why can’t I see the sun, why did the clouds come?

Rain, rain, go away…


Look at the flowers, they are opened up, soaking in the drops of water.

Look at the grass, its blades are glistening from the substance it receives.

It’s not about me, there are things around that need the rain as much as I need the sun.

I’ll wait my turn

I see the clouds shifting, the sun is breaking through

I see the gloom shifting the happiness is breaking through

I never even stopped to think about the things needing rain. It’s not always about me. I need to remember that in every situation and look at it from the other side.

Not everyone hates the rain, It’s important to remember when I was little and I couldn’t wait to play in the puddles. Growing up we often forget to stop and enjoy the little things God sends us, like rain to make flowers grow, and seeing the little who girls laugh as they splash through the puddles the rain has made.

God, May I never again forget why you send the rain.