We have been having a lot of storms lately in the state of Oklahoma where I live, and we are getting to the point where the rain is starting to stress people out. The tornados that come with the month of May have also been a bit of a pain to us. Often causing a trip to the closet for some, or a shelter if you have it, or in my case, grabbing the things that matter most and being ready to jump in the truck to leave the house. 

I would get a little made in these moments because I know that we are not supposed to live in a state of fear and I honestly know better. All the storms got me thinking about how we face mental storms too. They can be just as bad as the tornados my state has faced. In fact, I think my life has seen a couple of F5’s a time or two if I’m being honest. I wasn’t even in a shelter either, I think I was hanging on to a tree hoping I didn’t fly away. 

Being battered by a storm can really bring out a person’s true colors, it can show you what you are made of. I love how people come together after a bad storm, they really love to help one another. I wonder why we don’t have this kind of love all the time?

How many people look at the storms and say the water washed them clean?

What if that is very reason we have storms is so that the water can wash over us cleanse our the bad things in our lives.  Perhaps it's what we do while in the storm that determines how long it lasts. 

I was thinking about rain and I realized:

When rain comes:

-things grow

-things are washed clean of the gunk of life

-empty reservoirs are filled

-dirt is washed away

We usually view storms as a bad thing but what if the storm is an indication of something new coming your way. Once you conquer this storm, you will be stronger. 

I hope that as a follower of Christ, you can look at the storms you face in life a little differently, instead of just being frustrated you are facing a new storm, rejoice in the storm. Be pro-active and praise the storm away. Don’t stay in it any longer than you have to. 

Perhaps you don’t believe in God or you think He is the reason things are destroyed. I want to present a different way of looking at Him, not as a destroyer of nature, but perhaps as someone who wants you to succeed and grow from where you are. 

Maybe you have been a believer for a while but you have been questioning lately why God is letting you go through so many storms. The Bible says the testing of our faith produces patience. So,If you understand the concepts of storms and how they work to our advantage at times perhaps it make them a little but easier to face. 

Maybe you are a wild storm chasers, you are a thrill seeker and you love the rain, you revel in it. You understand you are washed by the water of the word. 

No matter where you are in the storm, just know that the Master of the Wind, the one who calmed the seas is in control and in charge and you don’t have to fear. He has you in His hands. Once the storm is over there is a promise for a brand new start.