God’s Plan for You


Does God have a plot for your life? A fully scripted out life that you have no choice but to follow or are you a part of the planning process?

I have noticed that we have no choice when it comes to saving people. Well sure you can be stubborn and run the other way, but you might just find yourself meeting a whale or something.

In the bible for example; Joseph; Gods plan was to save the Israelites. Jonah; Gods plan was to save the Ninevites. Jesus; Gods plan was to save the world.

All 3 faced horrible things just to fulfill God’s plan. Of course Jesus had to die to fulfill his plan. 

These stories make me think that God will do anything to save the people He loves.

I read Jonah again and I saw that even though he didn’t want to go to the people of Nineveh because he felt they didn't deserve to live. God basically made him. I read about Joseph last week and he told his brothers that all that happened was God’s plan and Jesus said in the garden before His death on the cross “If it’s your will take this cup from me” but God didn’t, which means it was God’s plan all along.

I bet there are more stories found in God’s word, other examples of what lengths He would go to just to save His children. The people He loves. 

We all play a part in making our world a better place. God’s hope is that His word and examples will inspire us to action. He longs for us to love the brokenhearted like He does, He wants us to help set the captives free, bring sight to the blind and help the poor and needy. We are the body of Christ!

He needs you to show His love and to be a light to the world. 

So my question to you is this, “What are you doing today that will help Him with His plan?”