How Many Religions Does It Take To Change Your Light Bulb

You only really need one…Jesus “Light Giver”


From the beginning of time God wanted light to shine upon the earth.   From the moment He spoke the words “Let there be light,”  to the day the Earth grew dark, when Jesus made His final sacrifice, God has been trying to bring light to our world.

If you are living in darkness it’s time to change your light bulb.  The whole reason Jesus said “I am the light of the world” was because He knew we would struggle with darkness so He made it a point to let us know He is THE light of the world.

You hear all of the jokes about changing light bulbs.  “How many ______ does it take to change a light bulb.”  They are jokes simple because they are trying to make something simple into a difficult thing.

It doesn’t have to be difficult to become a lamp on a stand, to light the way for others.  We make it harder because we haven’t truly grasped how simple it really is.  Many religions today give you tons of rules, regulations, and hoops to jump through before you can be considered “light material.”  Why is that?  Jesus, the only true expert never said these things.

How many methods have you tried?  How often have you changed your theology searching for a way to get yourself out of this darkness that surrounds your life?  You don’t need more religion, you don’t need tons of people telling you that you are doing it wrong.  You just need to be plugged in to the true source of power.  Then and only then, will your light shine before man.