Prince Legit


You’ve spent your life searching for charming

Take a look at Prince Legit

He’s the one who stands beside you

The one who never lets you forget

While Prince Charming is a fairy tale

So handsome that is true

But while he’s slaying giants

Guess who’s holding you

He’s never very far away

His love for you stays steady

He promises to remain faithful

He lets you talk when you are ready

Prince Charming might have castles

He may one day be a King

But Prince Legit is the only one

Who is ready for you to wear his ring

You think Charming will rescue you

From all your heart break tears

He’s not the man you think he is

But Prince Legit will calm your fears

Prince Charming learned to charm

He has a golden tongue

He can smooth talk any girl

But Prince Legit, He’s the Legit one

©2017 Marsha L. Brown