Feed My Sheep

You Chose me.

You chose me at the beginning of time.

You looked into my future, before I was formed and decided just what my life would accomplish if I signed on with Your plan.

It took a lot to get me to the place where I could put my past behind me and move towards the goal of the prize.

You love me.

You loved me so much You gave Your son to die for me.  Was I worth it? I often doubted that, but You never did.  You deemed me worthy the moment I was born.  I’m trying to catch up to Your view of me. 

You found me.

You found me, this girl with the broken heart and decided I was the apple of Your eye.  You actually rejoice over me with singing.  I always find myself singing to You and offering You praise and adoration, only to discover that You are rejoicing over me with singing.  I bring You joy! 

There is nothing that you wouldn’t do for me to show me Your love.

Bless me

Empower me

Educate me

…die for me

What can I do for you? 

“Feed my Sheep,” I hear you whisper, “Care for My sheep” I hear you repeat a bit louder. You say it a third time and I respond. “Ok Lord, I will.”

©2019 Marsha L. Brown