Play Nice 


Clueless People everywhere,

we all stop to see and stare

Do they hear the words they say

Words said in peace, but still they slay?

Do they see inside themselves,

to see the problems on their own shelves?

Before they launch those verbal darts,

that clearly wound a bleeding heart.

Kick them when their down he says,

when they seem to struggle push on ahead?

Tell them all their faults and such, 

make them lose their only crutch.

At crucial times when all they’ve got,

their courage to face things means a lot.

You who cannot see your own mistakes,

Keep on going, just driving those stakes.

And those who thought they do okay,

begin to doubt, long to run away.

Away from life, which causes pain,

away from storms which causes rain.

Away from every single hurting thing,

Till normal comes again to sing.

Sometimes when those about you bleed,

instead of fault,  its support they need.

So next time you feel that temptation,

to drag a soul down past all elation.

Remember these words I’ve said to you

and lift them up when they’re feeling blue.

It’s ok to give course correction, 

but learn when they just need affection.

Save your critical thoughts of them,

for when they stop drowning and can finally swim. 

©2018 Marsha L. Brown