Live While You Can


A friend gave me CD back in 2003 and one of the songs on it called Ordinary Day had the phrase “Live While You Can”.  This really stood out to me. For the next few days I listened to the song over and over and got me to thinking about my life. Even though I have been alive for  48 years, I have never really “lived” before age 36 when I heard these lyrics. 

Webster’s describes the word live as:

Live – to have a life rich in experience

Living means to exhibit vigor, gusto, or enthusiasm 

Looking at my life growing up and even into my marriage, there was nothing to be enthusiastic about. I was in a very depressed stage of life and felt like giving up. I had stayed married for 14 years in what felt like a dark cave. I had even stopped singing, and that was the only thing I truly loved to do.

Words can be powerful whether they are spoken by someone you admire or just lines from a song. I decided it was time to “Live While I Can” and I began to make changes. Every step I took, every choice I made was with that phrase in mind. Did I take chances, yes I did! Sometimes I took risks other people would think crazy, but when you have lived in a dark cave most of your life and you finally see sunlight, you do everything you can to reach it! 

When I recently attended a memorial service for a friend from High School, several years ago, for 30 minutes I listened to people share how he had impacted their lives. My friend Todd really did live his life with gusto and enthusiasm. Everywhere he went the people were touched in some way. I was reminded again of my decision back in 2003 to take my life back and really make a difference. When I die, I want my life to have meant something; I want to make a difference while I am here on earth. I want to hear God say “Well done!” 

John Paul Jones was famous for the line “I have not yet begun to fight," when it was demanded of him by the British to surrender. Although his vessel was on fire and sinking, he said those words and eventually proved them by taking command of the larger ship. His determination helped him win the battle.

I have learned the power of words and the ability to shape the future with my thoughts and by the very words I speak. When you are living life to the fullest each day, it’s hard to be depressed.  People around me often said I was trying to do too much but it was too hard to explain to them, for the first time in my life, I am finally living! 

When you live each moment as if it were your last, you disregard regrets of the past, you forget about the things you should have done and you focus on making each day the best one you’ve ever had. If you make a mistake, you leave it with that day and start fresh the next morning! When we focus on regrets, we miss out on life, and life is too precious to waste.

I had not yet begun to live…until words from a song urged me to “Live While You Can!” I haven’t looked back a moment since then. 

My husband the other day asked me if I lived by any quote, or any certain words. I had to share this song and this story with him. I encourage you, find your words to live by, find your motto and never look back. 

©2019 Marsha L. Brown