What Is It About The Front Seat Anyway


When my kids were little I can remember the endless fights about who got to sit in the front sit. Do you have those days? “Me, I call shotgun!” “No me first, mommmmmm!”

I could have been having a peaceful day and then when I said let’s get in the car it would begin…the horrible fight to the death of who gets to ride in the front seat of the car. As a mom to four children, this is a battle that we faced on a daily basis.

I tried many methods to end this battle:

1 First one asleep got the front seat

2 They each got a day according to their birth order

3 They take turns rotating in shifts on the three extra days

But no matter what I tried it still seems like a fight must occur before we could put the car in drive and take off to wherever we were going. Sometimes I forgot where we were going because of the fighting.

Last night I was reminded of the scripture in Matthew 19:30 – “But many that are first shall be last; and the last shall be first.” I wonder if Jesus said this because the disciples were fighting over who got to walk beside Him in line.  That’s one thing I love about Jesus, He preached humility, the servant heart and love for others more then anything else.  He made it clear that if you were pushing your way to be first, you would be last in the kingdom. But those who are meek and go last would be first! What a great concept! I think we all should take a lesson from Him today. 

There is room for all of us in the Father’s car…you go first and I will sit in the back.

©2019 Marsha L. Brown