Have you ever had one of those days when you see memories? Old pictures of your life you used to have, you see those photos of the life you imagined you once planned and you just tear up. You don’t miss the old life, its more a sadness for the life you imagined you were going to have, and you feel like a bit of a failure for letting your kids down, and even yourself too because things didn’t go like you thought they would. You feel like so many of your dreams wasted. 

It took me years to realize it, but boy was I wrong, God used all those memories and moments from long ago to build my character and make me who I am today. A much better version of the person you see today.  I learned so much during the years of my shortcomings and what I thought were major failures. God never once saw me as a failure. He always saw me as beautiful in His eyes. The way He saw me always made me want to be better.

I got a second chance to be a better wife and I love showing my husband how much he means to me. I never miss the moments to show my kids how important they are to me. Its always my goal to be a better mom to them even though they are grown up and on their own. I never want to stop being the one they turn to when they need me. Most of all I want to be a better follower of Christ, I want to show the world what He is really like. Not the stuffy version most have seen, or the mean version we have shown them with judgement, but I want to show His love and kindness, so they will want to become better followers of Jesus too. 

©2019 Marsha L. Brown