How many of you use your GPS to help you find your destination or directions to an unknown location?

In my prayer time today I was having and awesome time reading the word and listening to praise music when God whispered, let’s talk about your GPS system.  I felt like worship halted rather quickly. “What? God I am in the zone here, don’t You see, I am worshiping, I am really feeling this today.”  Again He whispered but this time it was “Google Maps.” Now at this point I am thinking “Maybe I’m on the wrong frequency, apparently a channel has been crossed.”

I decided to make sure, so I said “Ok if that’s You God, then what do you want me to know about these things?”  He chuckled, (yes God chuckles when He deals with me) and said “Tell people I want to be the GPS for their life, remind them of how this system works.”

So I started writing what a GPS does and how you use it:

1.    Set destination

2.    Confirm your location

3.    Push “Route” button

Once you do these things, the course is charted out, and it programs the best possible way to go to reach your destination.  If you follow the steps accurately then it will tell you when to turn, and if you happen to get lost, it can re-route you so you are back on course.  If you turn on the voice on some models it will even speak the directions to you.

I wrote these things down and then I said “Wow God! You are brilliant!”

Do you realize when you ask Jesus Christ to come into your life, your course is set and you just have to push the “Route” button and He will tell you what turns to make and where you’re going to get you closer to Him?  If you get lost or off course, just simply go back and ask Him to re-set your course, this is also called repentance which means course correction.

God wants to be the guiding force in your life, He wants to navigate you through the tough terrain and the crooked paths that try to trip you up on the course of life. In fact, His word if you seek Him, He will make the crooked paths straight.

What are you waiting for, turn on your GPS – “God’s Pathway System” and let Him set your course.

©2019 Marsha L. Brown