Are We There Yet


I’ve been reading in Numbers about Moses and the children of Israel. Moses was indeed an intercessor.  At every turn, in spite of their discontentment and complaints, Moses was right there pleading with God to give them another chance.

I’ve never wondered around in the desert, and I’m sure it was difficult for them at times but with all the miracles they experienced first hand on a daily basis, it’s hard to see why they doubted God’s ability to save them. I’m sure if they knew someone was keeping notes, they might have complained a lot less and rejoiced more.  It’s kind of like when you know someone is videoing you, you make an effort to show your best side, right?

If you and I could take a lesson from their jaunt through the desert, I would think one of the most important things would be faith and trust in God. He promised to deliver them and He spent years trying to do that very thing, but just like now people seemed to get in God’s way.

We question how He will do it; we say “Are we there yet?” We complain about His provision and we try to give God advice. God’s desire for His people is freedom, He longs to set His people free from the burdens and prisons they have put themselves in.  He is just waiting for us to cry out to Him, then He sends someone like Moses who leads the way and reminds God along the way of why He rescued us in the first place, when we start whining and complaining about the journey.

In Numbers 14:19, we see Moses praying for the people “Pardon the iniquity of this people I pray according to the greatness of your mercy…”  God’s answer was simply “Ok! I have pardoned according to your word.”

Someone simply had to ask Him to pardon the people and He did! If only we had someone like Moses today, someone who would go before God and remind Him we are worth saving, we really don’t mean to do the things we do…

Oh wait, I’m remembering another story, in the New Testament, a man named Jesus who lives to make intercession for us before the Father. He lives for that very reason!

©2019 Marsha L. Brown