Needs vs wants


I want to look young so I buy face cream
I need medicine or my high blood pressure will get out of control.
I need them to spray for spiders at my house so I don't have panic attacks.

I want a nice car so I work extra hard to be able to afford one.

I love nice clothes, And want them to look cool.
I need to wear clothes so that I fit in with society. 

We all need food. I really want cake but I have to buy gluten free stuff.
I have no choice. Now that got me. That is a need because I have an auto immune disease. For others they might just want to buy it. So that makes buying it a want. 

I want my kids to be successful in everything they do. 

I need them to stay in touch with me so I know they are ok. If fact we text to talk almost daily. Multiple times a day. Especially me and my twin girls. 

When I reconnected on social media with my (now) husband I wanted to date him because he looked Charming, fun, witty, and sweet and very handsome. 

Now that I have married him, I know what he’s truly like, and the simple fact is being with him is definitely a need. I need his smile every morning. He can not leave without first spraying on his cologne and then hugging me goodbye so I get some on me, then I can lift up my shirt and smell it throughout the day. If he forgets to spray it before he hugs me, I get two hugs that day. I need that hug before he leaves. It is crucial to my day. 

I want a relationship with Jesus because He saved my life. He died for me. I need to serve him because that is what He asked me to do. 

When you look at wants and needs differently, they can change based on your perception of what is important to you. 

Some people will say they need their cell phone. I only want mine so I can keep in touch with my love ones. 

The things you value the most can become an idol to you if you let them. That is why it is so important to make sure you value the treasures that truly matter. God, your family, other people. 

Material things pass away but we only have now to create time with our spouses or our kids. Make this time count today and don’t forget what really important. 

©2019 Marsha L. Brown