Glass Slippers


Was it Dorothy or Cinderella who said shoes are the most important part of your outfit? Regardless of who said it, those ladies taught us all the right pair of shoes can make all the difference in the world.  I’ve always loved shoes and it doesn’t matter the color, shape, or texture. Of course I always wanted them high and flashy!  I love the fact my husband Bradd supports my shoe addiction, so much he even built me a closet for them. 

You can be wearing the most beautiful dress or outfit and if you have on the wrong shoes, it can throw the whole look. Shoes Matter! They got Dorothy home when she was lost, and they found a prince for Cinderella and they just make most women happy. 

One time a friend of mine offered me three pair of the cutest shoes but they were 1/2 size too small, I loved them so much, so of course with a little oil, those leather shoes worked perfect, I stretched them to fit in no time! If fact I wore the yellow ones on my first date with my husband Bradd and I guess they made a good impression because he asked me to marry him 6 months later! He’s my prince.

I didn’t always have a prince and its in longing and hoping for one, that made me long for a rescue. I loved the idea of being the Princess who has the handsome Prince come along, bring the shoe that fits and take me out of the hell I lived in. It didn’t happen and as I come to realize, the only way I would be rescued, was if I got out of the tower myself. I made a commitment to stop waiting around for someone to save me. I was important! I was worth saving. No one could be the magic for me. I was the magic! Just telling myself that caused something to ignite within me. I read some pretty powerful books the next few years to help to empower me. Most of all my Bible. 

I keep a tiara and a glass slipper in my closet to remind me no matter what I face in life, I’ve been rescued from my prison, from the castles that use to imprison me. The slippers are to show me my handsome prince came AFTER I rescued myself. Ladies, you don’t have to always wait for a prince to rescue you. Put on your best pair of shoes and walk out of the hurts of the past that keep you from your future. Once you find your happiness, then you will meet him, that man of your dreams! He will be holding that special glass slipper, It will only fit you! 

©2019 Marsha L. Brown