The sun so bright

The waves so sweet

The ocean calls me

I answered with my feet

She’s quite insistent

That big blue sea

I’m not quite ready yet

But she’s calling with her pleas

Come with me to the oceans edge

Let us feel the water deep

To see if we can dive in and see

The treasures that age beneath

Another mans cast off could be your prize

One never knows what’s under the sea

Beautiful fish of many colors, our find

Why is the ocean calling me

There’s a box at the bottom of the sea.

It’s pretty deep where i go

My angel has returned with the box

Oh course I can open so I’ll know

She dried off and I ran to the box.

Unbelievable things awaited she said

She got the box open, I looked inside

And then I discovered I was in my bed

©2019 Marsha L. Brown