My Authority


My Father created this world

An amazing place called earth

Things have been a little hectic

From creation to my birth

Satan has a lease on earth

I’m a property manager

I work for my dad the king.

It’s a summer gig you see

It’s just until my dad

Comes back home to get me

But that tenant we have

Man he sure is a beast

He will cheat and lie and steal

Just to get his way

He doesn’t care who he hurts

Ignores the people in his way

I’m reminded that I’ve been given

The tools I need to control things

My authority is in Jesus

It’s the only thing I have to bring

I must remind myself

He’ll try anything to trick me

In order to win this fight

I’ll keep my battle plans with me

With head held high

And chest puffed strong

My voice in a mighty

battle sounding warm

I step up to the line

And with my strongest words

“You can’t cross the bloodline”

I boldly stated to be heard

I continued telling the beast

How his authority was dead

I am seated on high with Jesus

We had worked this way ahead

I could tell he didn’t like it

Ready to cause a war

I said “go ahead give it your best shot

That’s what my sisters were watching for”

He really started screaming

And made an evil hiss

Then then Prince of darkness

Took off and I said I won’t be missed.

I assured Him the authority

That I have as a believer

Breaks chains, opens prison

And sets free those under spell of the deceiver

 ©2018 Marsha L. Brown

All Rights Reserved