As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord - Joshua 24:15

Lookout House is the home of Marsha and Bradd Brown and is the only house located on Lake Ketchafishee, the northern most lake, on Westfork.  The home was designed to provide a place of work, peace, harmony, worship, life and retreat.  The house and property have been dedicated to God with Marsha and Bradd serving as the caretakers.

The multi-level house was designed by Bradd Brown in 2006 with the focus of connecting the indoor with the outdoor.  The large picture windows provide views in all directions from the house and an overall view of the lake.

Lookout House was built in 2007 and underwent a complete remodel and addition in 2016 and was finished in 2017.  The house has a unique cupola on the upper level providing a 360-degree view of the outside. The cupola and overall design inspired the name Lookout House.